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link exchanges

Link exchanges are a great way to build strong, two way links, to sites that will HELP YOUR READER and link back to you to help THEIR readers. You will also be rewarded with more google juice.

Link Exchanges

The key to this is to make sure that you understand the cardinal rule of link exchanges - once you do, you can apply it to blogs - information sites - affiliate sites - even E-books, if you do it right -  and best of all, its free!

Once again, your keywords will come in handy whilst finding where you should request link exchanges. You will need to do some research.  Target the sites that you would turn to for information first – and then search for sites that are like it.  Check out the sites that are linking to your 'possible exchangees'.

Requesting a link exchange

It is important to remember that the  link exchanges that you undertake should be done with the utmost respect and personalization on your part.  You can't just BCC to a couple of dozen sites and hope you'll get hits and feedback.

Dear (name),

I have visited your website, and was hoping you'd be interested in exchanging link information with my site.  We're both within the same niche, so I thought you might want to exchange links with me – to exchange traffic between our sites.

(You might briefly elaborate on how your products or services are complimentary rather than competitive)

Please visit my website at After you have reviewed my site and if you are interested in a link exchange, please contact me at

Your Name

Your Telephone Number

Your email address

Company name

Website address

link exchanges

Link exchanges are best undertaken to sites with a PR rank that don't have links to sites unrelated to them. This is important because your primary goal is not only to develop traffic, but to develop your page rank. Linking with a higher page rank may also improve your search engine performance.

You should also ensure that your link exchanges remain fresh, and haven't dropped in page rank. Every month, you should check your linked sites.  Make sure that they aren't dead, offline, or hard to access. You should also check that they haven't changed to sites to which you would not want to link.

Stay well clear from link farms.  Doing so will preserve YOUR page rank (cause linking to lower ranked sites).

There's an important caveat to link exchanging – you can't just offer to link exchange and then not follow through.  If you're not committing a two-way exchange, then you should be honest, and up front with the sites in question.

Never purchase links.  Search engines frown on this. They see this as an artificial way to gain page rank. You will be penalized. If discovered, so too will the siteto which you are linked.

Whilst there's no conclusive evidence that this is acted on frequently, there are rules in the Google Webmaster guidelines about buying, and selling links.

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