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earn money from websites
earn money from websites
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Keyword Research

Need a little advice when it comes to keyword research?  Do you know the difference between long tail and short tail keywords? Do you need help choosing your keywords? 

Who doesn't?

Conducting Keyword Research to Win First Place

keyword research

Keyword research to select the right keywords is one of the biggest challenges of website developers. Keywords are the most important element to optimize your website for the search engines.

If you optimize your site for the wrong keywords, you will lose the battle for search engine location. You efforts will be a complete waste of time, effort, money, and energy.

You do not want to invest time in keywords that are not going to pay off with search engine location.

Demystifying the Keyword Research

While it may seem like a big mystery; keyword research becomes easier over time.

The first thing you need to determine is the type of site you are creating.

Dynamic Websites.

Dynamic Websites are database driven and can be optimized for a virtually limitless supply of keywords.

​Static Websites

Static Websites are far more common. If your site is a static site, you are more limited in your options for keywords. Keyword research is a significant issue.  For this reason it is better to determine the type of site you are creating before you begin the keyword selection process.

Now that you've narrowed down the type of site you can begin your keyword research.

Static sites perform better with highly targeted long tail keyword phrases. Keyword variations include singles and plurals. Selecting one or two keyword phrases and focusing on those within a static site will pay off much better than spreading the focus between too many keywords.

Keyword Stuffing is looked on harshly by search engines.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, are a giant buffet for keywords. You can optimize for as many keywords as you are interested in creating pages to promote them.

keyword research

Brainstorm for your Keyword Research

Brainstorm a list of potential keywords or keyword phrases based on the type of site you are creating.

Once you have a list you can use the following criteria to eliminate and narrow your list.

How long should a keyword phrase be?

The longer the phrase, the less searches but the more likely it will be to generate traffic that converts into sales.  

As long as the phrase is being searched; it can convert into subscribers or sales. For this reason you should avoid creating phrases that are so long that no one is searching for them. You want phrases that are being searched so that you can get the traffic that will convert to sales. You also want phrases that have less competition.

How long should a keyword phrase be?

One thing you don't want to do is create a website that attracts those who are only looking for information and not looking to buy. It does little good to create a wealth of traffic if you aren't making any sales for your efforts.

When you use these ideas in your keyword strategy you should find that you are not only selecting keywords that generate traffic but also keywords that convert into sales.