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to master any relief teaching classroom,

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The Best Site

This is the best website I've found for relief teachers. Bob has been more than helpful. I love all the tips and ideas about relief teaching, because you can't get this in many other places.

Diane (Executive Member Oct 2016)

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Relief Teaching Support

Find QUALITY SUPPORT & EXCELLENT RESOURCES for your relief teaching gigs


Relief Teaching Resources

Relief Teaching requires special resources to cater for a wider range of students, a wider range of abilities and for a wide range of relief teaching situations. Most are free, many are for Executive Members and lots are inexpensive.


Relief Teaching Articles

Relief Teaching brings with it a complex ranges of issues. To bring relief teaching into context you hundreds of articles have been written on hundreds of topics. Here is your chance to get opinions and seek support for classroom issues.


Relief Teaching Hacks

Relief Teaching Hacks are the handy little processes that make relief teaching just a little easier. These relief teaching hacks are tricks of the trade always purposeful and specifically designed fort he relief teaching classroom.

​Executive Membership Gives All Benefits

Be totally amazed with what Executive Membership offers. Hundreds of FREE Resources,  Online Courses, Executive Support, Relief Teaching Kits, Lesson Plans, Literacy Resources, Numeracy Activities.

Relief Teaching Pay

You need the most up-to-date details about pay and conditions for your Relief gigs. You should know what you should be paid and under what conditions you should work.

Executive Members Only

Online Courses

You need a range of skills. You will find a range of online courses on curriculum, behaviour, literacy and professional matters. Receive credit towards your PD.

Managing Behaviour

Managing student behaviour brings a whole range of different issues. Relief Teachers need comprehensive support to manage student behaviour in the relief teaching classroom.. 


The Best Part

The best part of Bob's courses is the build up as we step our way through a reflection on setting learning outcomes to building authenticity to entry rituals and move the students classroom thinking from play to the business of learning.

Katherine (Executive Member July 2017)

Teaching Strategies

How you approach your Relief Teaching Strategies will impact on your relief teaching day. Find out the best strategy to use for your relief teaching situations.

Relief Teaching Ideas

We all need relief teaching ideas. Here are some inspirational ideas that will bring sparkle back to your relief teaching days - for you and your students

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Coming Soon 

Free Resources for Relief Teachers

Get the resources you need to do the relief teaching you want

fREE STuff

Don't we all love free stuff? There are heaps of free stuff, even if you are a visitor. 

It is all a one-click download. No signing up. No collected emails. Click and it is yours. Of course Executive Members have considerably more options and get heaps of stuff free.

But for the visitor, there is still some good gear.


We all know that managing student behaviour is much more than just dishing out punishments. You need a wide repertoire of skills to better manage student behaviour in your relief teaching classroom.

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What Would We Know About Relief Teaching?

Good Question

Ok. I know. I have a good head for radio. And, as you may guess I'm older than the average relief teacher.

I started teaching in 1973. I took over my first one teacher school as principal in 1979. For the next 30 years, I progressed through the principal ranks and served throughout Queensland in primary schools, secondary departments and high schools until my retirement from full time work in 2010. I made a point of teaching in classrooms throughout my career. I have taught every grade from prep to year 12.

From 2010, I began relief work as a classroom teacher, relief administrator and special projects. Teaching has been my life for over 40 years. There is no situation in a classroom that I have not encountered.

In a nutshell,  a lot!  If you need more information the details are below.

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