Keyword Phrases and How to Make a Difference in Being Found

keyword phrases

In your keyword phrases you will have short or long tail keywords. In order to effectively apply keyword phrases, you must apply your strategy correctly. Use both short or long tail phrases in your strategy.

How Keyword Phrases Work.

You must understand what keyword phrases are and how they work.

Let’s first review how search engines rank your site.

Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing) rank websites within categories and subcategories. Take the example of the category of “roses”.

keyword phrases

Every one of 571 million sites that relates to roses. These sites are ranked within the list of search results appearing for someone searching for “roses”.

Optimising Your Site

But let’s be realistic. Very few people search for something as generic as “roses”. They will, most likely, be searching for more specific. They are more likely to search for “growing roses”, “roses in pots” or “long stemmed roses”.

These are “short” keyword phrases. When optimising your site for SEO, you must perform extensive keyword research. You must formulate a list of the most attainable, easy to rank and effective keyword phrases to apply.

keywords phrases

That means including these keyword phrases on both the front and back end of your website is a good strategy.

From page titles, meta tags and HTML coding to page content, navigation and important linking campaigns, keywords are the very foundation your website.

The more specific the keyword phrase is, the less difficult it is to rank highly with the search engines. The higher you are ranked, the better chance of your website being found.

But get too specific, and you run the risk of never being found. You may show up as the first search result for “growing roses along a rope”, but you will most likely never be found. Why? Because no one is going to search for THAT exact keyword phrase, or at least, it is highly unlikely that they will.

Your keyword phrases strategy

While this very specific keyword phrase is a long tail keyword, it would not be an effective one to apply to your site.

But alter it just slightly, and you might just have some luck. For example, “growing roses indoors ”, although shorter, is clearly more specific. This is a long tail. It is also much more likely to be searched. As a consequence, it is more likely to attract a subscriber.

It is important to understand how keywords influence your website. You need a keyword strategy. You also need to manage it well. What that strategy is should be up to you. It will be specific to your business.

Keywords work the same for all websites.

You must select both short and long tail keyword phrases and apply them to your web site. You must review the keyword phrases in your SEO strategy on a regular basis to ensure your rankings are constantly developing.

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