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About Me

About Making Money online bob brandis

Hello and Welcome.

I'm Bob Brandis. I must admit I'm no oil painting, obviously. If it is eye candy you are looking for, I'm not it. 

I don't think you want my whole life story. I won't be insulted. I understand you need to know my online credentials rather than my personal story. If you really must know about me, CLICK HERE - but be prepared to be bored silly.

I have run many websites as a part of my online business for 10+ years. All by myself. I am a one-person operation. I operate out of my office at home. I have a desktop, a laptop and heaps of peripherals hanging off USB ports. It works for me!

Let's get on to the topic at hand - making money online.

About Making Money Online

Everything I do online, I do myself using my own skills.

I don't have a technical team. If I don't know how to do something, I learn it or outsource the task. (I'll show you how to do that.)

I spend hours on my sites. Luckily I semi-retired after a 40+ year career in education.​ I have time on my hands and I love now having choices in my job. Making money online DOES take work. STRANGELY, money won't just appear.

I'm sure there is a some deep and meaningful quote about hard work and money.​ Google it if you need to.

I love what I do.​ My online presence through my websites are like my babies.

Well, that sounded weirder than I thought!

The truth is, if you don't like mucking around on computers, this is not the site for you.

  One Person Operation  

That is why I put this site together. Online ethical businesses ARE out there!

I know there are some dodgy operators who make ridiculous claims about making money online.

If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!

Bernard Madoff (2009)

Fraudster and Conman


I am semi-retired so I hate risk. I want to make money online. I know you have to spend money to make money. I just hate spending money, period. Consequently, I do a lot of stuff for FREE. You have to remember that, a lot of times, you generally get what you pay for. There is plenty of FREE help out there.  I will show you where it is, what's good and what's not and how to take advantage of free options.

If you want a quality product, you have to put your hands in your wallet. Not often, but sometimes.

To that end, I have done a lot of things on the cheap. If the FREE option works well for me, I am happy to fork out money to get the quality product and extend my options. On the other hand, I will never pour money into something that didn't work. Or I should say - didn't work for me.​

Try the FREE stuff first.​

  Making Money Online and THOSE claims.  

​I am sure you have visited sites which claim you, with their help, are going to make millions with your internet presence. They might splash up images of fancy cars, mansion as super gorgeous people. You just have to fork out a fortune and they will tell you the secrets about how to get it all.

They may even post some manufactured financial data to "prove" that they have mastered making money online.  ​

If you believe you are going to make millions by yourself without outlays of money and effort, you are in the wrong place and I have a nice bridge I can sell you.

The fact is, these guys are making money by other people giving them money to listen to how they make money. It's often smoke and mirrors. Generally these organisations have plenty of money and expertise behind them.

Bob Brandis Coaching is for the little operator.

You must be  prepared to put in the hours. You don't need to have a lot of money to outlay. You need to be happy making money online by yourself.

making money online cartoon

If you want, I can share may PayPal account to show you my earnings. It will be pretty uninspiring. You will notice every few weeks an couple of hundreds of dollars IN. You will also notice payments OUT for my power bill, my water rates, my house insurance and the like. 

My websites earn me a couple of hundred dollars each month. Sometimes it even nudges the thousand dollar mark.

I haven't bought a Ferrari or big boat or a large beach house.​ But I have paid a few bills.

But I am comforted by the fact that 94.5% of solo online businesses​ crash and burn in the first year. Most in the first 6 months of operation. And I'm still going strong after 10 years.


I will be completely honest with you, which I know is unusual for online operators. Sometimes I have made a complete mess of things. Luckily I have learned from my mistakes.

I will show you all my mistakes, so that you don't have to make them when you are making money online. And if you do make mistakes, I will coach you through the processes to repair the damage.

This site is for you if you are ...

  • a retiree (like me) and want to make some pocket money without spending a lot.
  • young and like the challenge of creating something by yourself  and you love making money online.
  • at home caring for your family and have some time to spare. and want a few dollars for extras.
  • between jobs waiting for other opportunities and like the idea of making money online.
  • in need of pocket money.
  • looking for new opportunities to build a portfolio of money making ventures.

You need ...

The ability to learn new ideas is important  when making money online.

You need moderate computer skills. You must be able to turn on your desktop or laptop. You should also be able to open a few programs. Obviously, the more comprehensive your computer skills, the easier it will be to do the technical things while making money online with your website. 

Being committed is an advantage but you don't need to let this control your life - unless you want to.


Seriously, if you believe you are going to make a living out of an online presence, you need someone more capable than Bob Brandis. Of course, people make a living using their online presence. But, they probably have a comprehensive team around them. Sole Operators seldom make millions. If I was making millions online, I wouldn't be sharing it with you. I would be happy sitting back and raking in the dough. Plus, I retired from full time so I would not have to work full time.

If you also believe in "passive"income, you are also in the wrong place. I will admit my sites operate by themselves. People come and go, buy products, sign up and spend money without me sitting on the computer. But sooner or later, I have to do something. My websites are not faceless entities. I like to be a part of everything that happens.

People don't always love you. Sometimes people pay for stuff which doesn't arrive. And they get angry. If you can't solve problems without being cranky about it, I really would prefer you go somewhere else.​

Making money online

The Story of My Websites (warts and all).

Isn't it strange that a lot of expert internet coaches don't really have other content based sites. The only website they have is how to tell you create websites that they have never had. 

Hhhmmm! I find that a little odd.

making money online

Developing content and service based websites has been my activity for years and still is.

I have some fabulous websites. I have also had some clunkers. Unlike many internet coaching systems, Bob Brandis Coaching is based in REAL WORLD  for REAL PEOPLE.

Also, like ​other internet coaching systems, I will talk about my success and failure in the context of LEARNING.

I won't hide the fact that, on the odd occasion, I have made a mistake on some aspect of some of my sites. However, I will celebrate my many successes. Hopefully, you will learn from my mistakes as well as model your activity on some of my success.​

making money online