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About Bob Brandis

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About Bob Brandis

My Working Life

I started with Education Queensland in 1973. I have a Diploma of Teaching and a degree, Bachelor of Education. I am a Justice of the Peace (Commissioner of Declarations).I progressed through the principal ranks and retired from full time work in 2010.

As a Family Man

My wife and I married in 1975 and have 3 wonderful children. We have 8 gorgeous grandchildren and my role as POP is my most important and most fun.

As Website Owner

In 1994, I developed my first website FishingGladstone.com. It was an easy site to keep content because I wrote about my fishing trips around Gladstone. I had plenty of images from mates who joined me on my fishing trips. Getting content was easy and I monetised it with google and affiliate advertisements. But I didn't set up membership for the site. A lot of visitors came and went. I didn't so much to engage my visitors. I wasn't committed to them so they weren't committed to me. I had to close this site when I left Gladstone.

I started building reliefteaching.com as a support site for teachers. This is my flagship site.