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Keyword Density

Keyword Density is a little tricky. Get it wrong and your content may never be found online. Here are few little tricks to ensure your keyword density helps your content be found. 

Using Keyword Density to be Found

keyword research

Keyword density is a measure of the quantity of times keywords occur in your content. If your keyword density is too high, that is your keyword appears too often, search engines may see your content as purposely stacked. 

Solving Keyword Density

If you stuff your content with keywords, search engines, like Google will punish you with a low page ranking. On the other hand, if your key word density is too low search engines will not see your content as influential for the keywords you select.

Keyword Stuffing is looked on harshly by search engines.

It is a very fine balance.The major role of your content is to realize the fragile balance of valuable content with keywords creatively woven through. This will maximise your SEO efforts. 

Your article must demonstrate legitimacy and quality for visitors.

Of course search engines keep their algorithms confidential so SEO experts are usually guessing about a good keyword density rate. It is generally considered a good rate of keyword density is between 1% and 2.5% of your content. Any more and your site may be flagged for keyword stacking. Any less and your site may not be noticed.

So, how does one tackle this keyword equalisation act?

How to tackle keyword density.

keyword research

Write Naturally​

The best way is to write the content naturally as you want it to be read.

Write your content and forget about keyword density.

Write passionately and purposefully. Write FOR the readers NOT for search enginesThe keyword analysis comes later.

If the keywords you plan to use fall naturally within the text, your article will receive genuine SEO kudos.

How to structure your content for keyword density.


Seriously the YOAST SEO WordPress plug in is the best thing you can do to confirm all SEO aspects of your content, including keyword density. As you write your article, the YOAST plug in will immediately determine your keyword density.

keyword density

Use a Text Analyser

keyword density

This FREE text analyser will run a scan over your article and will provide a comprehensive report on the word structure of your report.

The report will include keyword density data.

Many experts will advise to write your content for the READER and forget about keyword density. However,  as much as that is a noble thought you still have to manage the SEO system.

That means you need to structure your keyword density strategy carefully.​