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Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are usually three or more words grouped together under  the umbrella of a short tail keyword.

Long tail keywords are usually a lot more specific to what a visitor is looking for,

Long Tail Keywords Strategies.

Search Engine Marketing is about being found in both paid and organic searches.

It can be challenging to achieve high organic rankings for some of the popular short tail keywords. These terms are popular because they feature in a lot of searches. Because they are so popular, competition is usually more robust.

By focusing on long tail keywords as part of your SEO strategy, you can achieve a more desirable position in search engines. If you are using paid advertising, using long tail keywords will target the people to whom you are marketing and at a lower cost.

How to use Long Term Keyword in your Articles


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Using long tail keywords really isn't very complicated or tricky.

Finding them can sometimes be.

That's why I always use Keywords Everywhere Tool. It is quick, easy and gives you exactly what you need for find those long tail keywords.


Essentially, long tail keywords are keyword phrases made up of 3-5 words. It is always best to include the short tail keyword somewhere within that phrase.

Let's say you are looking for information about making money

This is short tail keyword and is search for at an average (in Australia) 2,400 per month. Competition for this keyword is fierce at 0.8 (out of 1.0).  This is going to be an extremely difficult keyword to compete for. If you aim to be on the first page of google you need to master a comprehensive SEO campaign or have very deep pockets. It is going to cost you in the vicinity of $5 for every click.


If we use the long tail keyword "making money quickly" the dynamics change.

The competition is reduced (0.76); the volume is reduced (170 per month) but the CPC is increased ($5.14). Obviously advertisers get a bit more return from visitors using this keyword.

Once again let's try the long tail keyword "making money with youtube". Again the dynamics of the search change.

Now the search volume has significantly reduced to 40 per month but the competition has also significantly reduced to 0.26. So too has the CPC. You could bid less than $1 for each click with this long tail keyword.

And google helps ... a bit.

Have you noticed as you type words in the google search bar, a number of suggestion prepopulate automatically.

Google includes words that

  1. you have searched for previously
  2. or other have recently searched for in your own geographical area.

These may be long tail keywords worth exploring.

If you are a Keywords Everywhere Keyword Tool you get so much more. Not only do you get long tail keywords you also get the google data including volume, CPC and competition.

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The Dangers of Using Long Term Keywords

There is no sense using long tail keyword phrases for which no one is searching.

Herein lies the danger. You need to be aware that long tail keywords reduce the search volume.

That is all well and good, if people are searching. You have to balance the search volume and the competition. If 21000 people are searching but you are on page 20 of the search engine, you will not achieve any visitors.

If 20 people are searching for your long tail keyword and you are on page 1 of the search engine, you are almost guaranteed of some visits. If you are in the first position, you are almost certain of getting 90% of the search volume.​

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