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earn money from websites
earn money from websites
earn money from websites

How to Use Google Analytics


Google Analytics is the most powerful analytical tool for your website.

And it is completely free

You really need to know whether you are on the mark, don't you?

You need to know how many visitors you are getting and what they are doing on your website. That is the essence of internet marketing.

Google Analytics has you completely covered.

How to Set Up Google Analytics

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Create a new Analytics account if you do not have one. If you have a gmail account, you can use that to sign in. In fact google prides itself in having one account for every google interface.

how to use google analytics

if you don't have a gmail or adsense account, setting up a google analytics account is easy. Visit

Click the Sign in to Analytics button (top right), and follow the on-screen instructions. They are very straight forward.

how to use google analytics

Setting up a google analytics property

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Set up a property in the account you have created. In this case the property is your website. You can add up to 50 properties to each Analytics account.

Select the ADMIN tab (top right) and in the ACCOUNT column​ use the drop down menu to select the account to which you want to add the website (or app).

In the PROPERTY column, select Create new property from the drop-down menu.​ Follow the instructions to set up web tracking. You are issued a all important google analytics tracking code.

The tracking code looks something like this. UA-12345678-1. This code needs to be added to your website.

how to use google analytics

The easiest way to insert the tracking code is to use any of the google analytics plug in available. There are lots around but I recommend MonsterInsights.​ It is straight forward and easy to set up

Getting More Help

how to use google analytics

Google offers lots of help. LOTS. They even have a Google Analytics Academy.

The courses are comprehensive so, if you have a bazillion free hours to work through the course, you will be fully armed with everything you need.

If you don't have a lot of free time, or progressing through a structured online course doesn't float your boat, you could collect the Google Analytics - Uses and Tips eBook now.

Google Analytics - Uses and Tips

You need to know who is visiting your website, what they are looking for, which webpages or products are the most popular and which particular online marketing effort was the most successful.

DO NOT throw darts in the dark, hoping that one would hit the bulls-eye. You need to have ENOUGH INFORMATION to aim and then shoot.

    1. Learn how to get information on the traffic to your website, the page rank and the bounce rate
    2. Learn how to get information on the traffic to your website, the page rank and the bounce rateTrack website revenue by category, channel, keyword, average order and conversion rate
    3. Analyze and optimize your sales funnel to convert visitors to customers
    4. Get comprehensive and accurate information about your traffic and formulate the best strategy
    5. Identify what is wrong with your website and make the necessary changes to enhance user experienceImprove the quality of content by evaluating the bounce rate to improve the bottom line
    6. Track the impact of SEO metadata, the content optimization strategies and outbound links
    7. Compare historical data and seasonal trends to understand client behavior and shopping habits
    8. Manage sub domains as well as directory separately to analyze and report for sites that have a large number of pages and folders
    9. Configure different reports that need to be sent out to the different people in the company, benefit from less manual work and more happy customers
    10. Get google analytics reports via email, stay on top of things and enjoy the taste of SUCCESS

    Google Analytics - Use and Tips

    It’s Time to get Your Copy of Google Analytics Uses and Tips

    Here is your best chance to turn your dream of success into reality.

    Formulate the right strategy to get people to take notice of your site.

    Harness the power of Google Analytics to drive relevant traffic to your website and improve the conversion rate.

    Your SEO-SMO efforts will prove useless unless you know the direction in which you are progressing.

    With Google Analytics Uses and Tips, you can kick-start your business.

    Improve your search engine rank and see the visitors turn into customers.

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