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earn money from websites
earn money from websites

250+ Useful Wordpress Plugins

useful wordpress plugins

Finding useful WordPress plugins can often reduce the time and energy you spend maintaining your website.

WordPress is without a doubt the most versatile platform to launch your website.

Useful WordPress Plugins increase the useability of your website both for you as an administrator and for your visitors.

Most are free forever. Some plugins offer a free version with extra features offered for a small levy.

The best way to find the most up to date version of these useful WordPress plugins if to search for the name of the purpose you wish the plugin to take.

If you want a useful plugin​ to manage your visitors, simply type "visitors" in the search toolbar.

useful wordpress plugins

Useful Wordpress Plugins Reviews

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Of course useful WordPress plugins are only useful if they are ... well ... USEFUL.

The best way to access the plugin usefulness without actually using it is to read the reviews.

The best reviews are written by those who actually use the plugin on their own site.

Demystifying the Review

useful wordpress plugins

Each plugin comes complete with links to all the information you need.


This is a good measure of the useablity. The more active downloads, the more you know that people are finding this plugin useful. Active downloads shows the number of installations of the plugin into WordPress websites around the world.


This is pretty obvious.​ Although limited in details anything above 4 stars would have to be considered one of the more useful WordPress plugins. If you would like to read more details about the reviews you could open the MORE DETAILS screen and select the REVIEWS tab.


Plugin updates is a very important feature. Some plugins are not updated and their compatibility with current WordPress versions is suspect. It is recommended you only install plugins that are compatible with your WordPress version.

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useful wordpress plugins

250+ Most Useful WordPress Plugins

This booklet provides you with excerpts of the most useful WordPress plugins.

This WordPress plugins are categorised and listed by name. Each plugin comes with a short excerpt of what it does.

How should plugins be installed?

The easiest, safest and most efficient installation process for all plugins is to install using the WordPress dashboard.

This process will progress automatically and all you need to do ia ACTIVATE the plugin to make it useable on your website.​

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