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My Name is Bob Brandis.

This is a Members Online Area. You are here because you are serious about making money through your website.

And I am serious about providing you with the support.

This Executive Coaching Clinic will teach you the skills needed to make your online presence a profitable experience AND provide you with resources to make your website the best it can be.


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Online Coaching, Training and Support

Content for Your Own Website

Business in a Box - Everything you Need

eBooks to Make Your Own for Your Website

Your Free eBook

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If you are going to make websites, you need TRUST. Trust is the single most influential factor in encouraging visitors to join your site. Building trust online is not easy but has the same important as building trust face-to-face. This eBook outlines a range of strategies you can use to ensure visitors trust you online. 

Business in a Box

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Everything you need to start your online business. Select from a range Business in a Box options - complete with articles, websites, ebooks, graphics, coding - everything you need to GO.

You get everything you need to make one or all of this businesses your own.

You supply the business name, develop your website from the templates, upload your website to a server of your choosing and use a bit of elbow grease to make money.

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Free 24/7 Support

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Making websites is so much easier with support. You have 24/7 support to solve problems or just sound out ideas. Work through the PLANNING, BUILDING, CONSTRUCTING and MANAGING phases of your website.​

Free Online Courses and Training

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Online Courses and Training options will build your skills to help making money online that much easier.

Build new skills, refresh existing skills, master techniques that experts use.

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Individual Calls

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Executive Members will be contacted once a month for one-on-one support.

Schedule your individual call for a progress report, problem solving or just a shared option. Whichever is your need.

Free Content for Your website

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When you make websites, you require content. Lots of it. Content needs to be quality, obtained quickly and consistent.

Use the EXECUTIVE FREE CONTENT to make websites that stand out. Supplement your own material with EXECUTIVE FREE CONTENT. so that you can make websites trouble and pain free.

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Free eBooks

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eBooks bring visitors. Quality eBooks bring loyalty. Choose to write your own eBooks (and I'll show you how) or select one of the Executive Members Free eBooks when you make websites.

and much more

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There are so many more options available for Executive Members. But only executive members will find out. Join our Executive Team to help you make websites that engage visitors and maybe even make money.