A Complete Yoga Online Business   

A complete Yoga Online Business -  all ready to go. Everything you could possible want to get your Online Yoga Business off the ground.

All you need to do is roll up your sleeves and go to work. ​

Online Yoga Business

Let's Get Started Earning Money Online

online yoga

Yoga Classes are EXPLODING. Type YOGA into Google and you will find 631 million hits.

online yoga

631 MILLION hits looking for online Yoga! That is a Captured Market of potential consumers ready to go. They are looking. They are after online yoga resources. This is an untapped market.

More people are searching for an online yoga business than making money. A mere 74 million customers are looking how to make money.

online yoga

But the business opportunity doesn't end there. The search volume is currently at more than 33,000 per month. More than thirty three thousand search requests every month. AND IT IS RISING. Check the trending data yourself.

online yoga

   Is the online yoga business saturated?   

The answer is right in front of you eyes. OBVIOUSLY NOT.

Google rates the competition of online yoga business as low (0.23). Making Money is 0.8. You are nearly 4 times more likely to succeed in the online yoga business than you are trying to get into the online making money business.

online yoga figures

You know very well that YOGA is the "new black".

Everyone from teenagers to pensioners are involving themselves in Yoga. Classes are bulging, multi media yoga products (DVDs) are souring, Yoga outfits are being ripped from stores.

Someone forgot to tell the online marketers that people are searching for online yoga business.


online yoga

YOGA COMPLETE ONLINE BUSINESS in a box is yours for the taking.

Everything you possible need is in this box.

The only thing not in the box is YOUR TIME and YOUR EFFORT.

Time and Effort are what you have to put in.

Everything else is right here.

What you get with your Online Yoga Business

online yoga

Yoga Basic Plus Sales Page Ready To Go

Formatted in html ready to be placed into your server.

Images formatted for the web.

Make the necessary changes to personalise this sales page or use it as a model for your own.

The sales page is written to appeal to beginning Yoga students; your preferred clientele.

Yoga beginners are keen and eager to learn​ and will jump at the opportunity to learn Yoga online.

Every bit of coding to get your website up and running.

You get​

  • php codes
  • site maos
  • links
  • legal pages
  • all config,php files
  • ​images formatted for webpages
online yoga

Formatted in html and php ready to be placed into your server.

online yoga

online yoga

Text for a 5 module Yoga ecourse.

All ready for you to deliver your course by email or produce the multimedia presentation to offer it for sale on your site.

The option is yours.​

Make this product your own. Build a group of loyal followers.​

41 ready to post articles for your blog.

Or turn the articles into an ebook, or a podcast, or a online course.​

Use your inspiration to select the best option to use 41 x 500+ word articles.

Create more yoga niche sites to profit from the online appetite for online yoga business.

online yoga business

online yoga business

Your own 20 page ebook ready for you to take complete ownership.

Sell the ebook, gift the ebook for membership, build your list with this ebook or just make money.

Make this ebook your own and sell the book on Amazon.​

Isn't it nice to have an online business with options.​

Need help with your SEO?

You get that too.

You get the full ​list of keywords to help your search engine PageRank.

Check with google adwords to target the keyword most likely to improve your online visibility.

Use the keyword list to support your own Google Ads campaign.​

online yoga business


I'm here to help.

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