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PLR - How to Explode your Business

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Increase your Website with PLR Content

Are you struggling with getting content onto on your website?


Does it feel like you are pushing uphill?

Are you spending more than you thought on content development?

Do you have Private Label Rights (PLR) produst but are unable to use it appropriately?

DON’T fret!

There is a simple solution to all your problems!

Increase The Popularity Of Your Website By Effectively Incorporating PLR Material

Private label rights (PLR) function within the realm of internet marketing. PLR products can generate a great deal of exposure with already developed content.

There are many sources of PLR content - some very good some downright awful. This course will show you the top sports to get your PLR content and how to grab hold of quality FREE content for your website.

Get On Top

Of The Search Engine Page

With Expert Content​

For most of PLR content, authors sell all or most of the intellectual property rights to their work. There is no legal definition for PLR, with the license being solely defined by the author.

This concept is similar the idea of reselling rights in internet marketing. The use of PLR products is offered everywhere you look. However, in spite of the prevalence of PLR products, internet marketers are not often aware of the best way to use PLR products effectively.

Defining private label rights can seem a little tricky. Generally PLR products allow you to change the content purchased so that it looks like your own and you can claim it as your own. This can range from changing an introductory paragraph, editing a title, or completely altering the content and adding your name as the author.

PLR content offers you fabulous opportunities, if used correctly. Private Label Rights allows you to change the content and use it to direct traffic to your site, sell more to your customers, and generate more income.

The advantage is you can use the content as is or as a shell to produce one or many different formats. With PLR contet, you can convert the text into podcasts, videos, complete courses, blog posts, articles. Whatever you want.

With the PLR content, you can also convert the text into podcasts, videos or complete courses.

Advantages of PLR

A research conducted by Penn State University indicated that 90% of the people do not search beyond the 30 links on the search engine results page. Of this, the first 10 get 80% of the traffic.

How do websites get comprehensive search engine ratings?

It is through great content with the relevant keywords.

Creating original content is always valued highly. But you do not need to spend hours creating valuable content for your readers. You can use PLR material. You can rewrite the material to keep the content in balance with your own requirements. You can reuse content in various forms to cater for the different needs of readers who prefer articles, those who prefer podcasts and those who prefer to watch videos.


  • Get higher on the search engine results page
  • Come across to your readers as a leader who shares high quality content
  • Publish personalised content for your visitors.
  • PLR material needs to be individualised to make it fit your purpose.
  • Become flexible. Don’t just limit the information on your website to articles. You can include ebooks, software, reports and scripts.
  • Save time by publishing PLR material on your site
  • Gain acknowledgement as an expert on a topic of your choice.
  • Get high quality content at budget rates
  • Cut out the expense of a freelance copy or content writer
  • Get versatile content on your site
  • Get products that you can use or sell as your own, increasing the credibility of your business
  • Benefit from the high turnaround rates of the PLR material

Have you been wondering how you can offer your readers high quality content without having to burn a hole in your pocket? This course will outline how to build success using PLR content in your website

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  • You are struggling with finding the good content for your site.
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  • You find yourself wasting more time writing and less time marketing
  • Your competition is already taking steps to improve their business - and leaving you behind.
  • You want to benefit from using PLR materials.
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