VMR Bribie Radio Operators Manual Updates

Edition: 17.10.20

Manual Details

You can download the most up-to-date manual here. If you have downloaded a previous manual you only need to download the updated pages below and replace them as appropriate.


Date of Update

Update Details

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12 July 17

p42 New MayDay procedure

12 July 17

p30 New Call Out Procedures

13 July 17

p86 Update Contact Details

17 July 17


p81 Update VMR Brisbane details

03 August 17

p87 Updated Contact Details

03 August 17

p88 Updated Contact Details

03 August 17

p98 New Uniform Sales process

14 August 17

p58. Correct Station Closing Checklist

24 August 17

p27-29. Correct Third Part Log Off. Add :does not log offcalling vessel

24 August 17

p54-57. Remove Redcliffe from Closing. Change page order

27 August 17

p10. Include Operational Area

27 August 17

p10. Change to notifying VKR of vessels outside operational area

18 October 17

Various. Rename eLog to G-log in honour of Gary Adams.

20 October 17

p15, 16, 23 and 59 Change of procedures for Security Monitors, Alarms and Speaker Systems.

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